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Telekinesis (TK) is any form of psychic ability to move physical objects. Moving objects by the power of the mind. If you can move items in the physical world by the power of thought, you have telekinetic abilities. It's a kind of magic. Yes, well it is pretty good, but it's also a form of psionics ("psionic" being a more up-to-date word to describe what would previously have been termed magic, witchcraft, and various other terms which have extra overtones).
Telekinesis includes various psionic abilities to think at items and have them moved and/or changed. Levitation, spoon-bending, flying on a broomstick, these are all forms of telekinesis.
Whether telekinesis exists as-per-say or whether any observations of telekinesis are always the result of conjuring, trickery, delusion, or wishful thinking, that's a matter of belief, so don't expect this site to staunchly support faith-based belief-systems, either of the mystical kind or of the devout sceptic type who can disprove electricity, gravity, and income tax, all by performing some clever card tricks.
It is hoped that some diverse and interesting links and contributions will be added, but please bear in mind there is a problem currently (2003) with not having enough time to get around to sorting everything out.
Meanwhile, if you are into casting magic spells, there's Azuregreen Metaphysical, or if you're into magic of a more conjuring type of genre, then see Magic , and there's also an experiment in astral travelling / remote viewing in the offing at the page: Astral Travelling
ZyraThe website is hosted as part of which is "An interesting eccentric site with over a thousand pages of useful information on a wealth of subjects, oodles of fascinating and amusing items, and an encyclopaedic set of things linked together conceptually, plus links to thousands of places around the world", so have fun exploring that! Takes a week or so, but you don't have to try to see it all in one go. Incidentally, you can also sign up to a bizarre Circular newsletter if you like.
Other things worth noting are that this domain Telekinesis.TK was got by remotely grabbing a Tokelauan domain. You too can have your own .TK web domain FREE by visiting

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