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I want a million dollars for free like that comedian

 I don't have shit and I get beat up by a asian myself. Well no longer I'm leaving her and I've got a car. Cool huh? But guess what I'm not a bachelor and I'm driving around with a severe brain injury, but It's okay because I smoked my medically prescribed marijuana with hash on top.

Stop the white genocide

Know the war "games"

311 - Long For The Flowers


Never find a home redux Demo


After the brain injury with a Texan Demo


Back pack blast (Hospital Footage) Demo


Ultra Misarabile Aliens Demo




Casino music Demo

Top ten reasons I dread sleep and know for a fact those aren't nightmares:  


 Yo everyone this is Matt with blogger. With a spark from Hunter Thompson's GONZO journalism I embraced homelessness at the ripe age of just eighteen years old having had some experience of experiencing homelessness in college a year prior. Aged 32 I have also had some near death experiences and can confidently say at least 99 percent of you would be dead by this point if you chose homelessness as a option. I hope this saves many lives.  One good way to make money is to find a bunch of businesses and make a directory. You've got agriculture or construction. Deflation of the inflation. If it exists it can be used as a source of deflation. My boy is ready to drop ship some pears from his backyard now!