Thursday, June 13, 2024

When I am alone I rest up in a motel and am fully renewed in just three days.

 To think I let them in and take care of them and haven't gotten a blowjob in two years I have to stick with her like glue or she gives everything away to homeless people and runs away with cocksucking drug addicts. She runs around all day and night like a meth head that never crashes wearing me out chasing her.

 This website is the coolest website in the world. I know I can turn a profit but those evil bastsard ceo's murder their own employees and the cocksuckers just want me to be broke, but I have a superior code to theirs so I make so much money in a day and meet so many people I have trouble counting it all and remembering them. But I know everyone in California, my home state and they all have my back. And now that writing and publishing has become instant you expected me and now here it is.

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