When I first set out to buy this domain I had a vision for it. When I located it on the internet it was already registered and there was a porn click thru here. Fucked my dreams up and turned them into a nightmare right away. But I learned something.

Anything, ANYTHING, you want can be yours in time and for free. I made sure to pay though. I paid 10.35 for the first year and I pay the same for subsequent years. The vision died down a little bit. But that’s okay you have eyes too.

Another one I thought I’d NEVER get Is TheKnow.TK a far fetched dream I had. They owned it but did nothing with it. I ignored it up until not too long ago, when I was sitting in a starbucks and picked up on it like a scent. I literally sniffed it out! There was a pleasant odorless scent and my brain said hey man, it is available. Sure enough there it was. And I’m the legal owner.

There’s been women I’ve pursued that no doubt in time, as early as today I could have rubbing my feet.